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The Black Widow Crochet Dress

The Black Widow Crochet Dress

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The easiest DIY Halloween costume you’ll find! Morticia herself wears one over her black dress whenever the full moon chills the night and fog rice to the dark meadows.
This also makes a perfect party dress for all you Wednesdays out there!

Pattern has:

  • Charts as well as written instructions.
  • Video tutorials for the more difficult stitches
  • Alterations for sleeve length
  • Instruction for better fit

The dress is crocheted out of octagons (the cobwebs) and squares (the smaller spider webs). All the octagons are crocheted first and blocked. Then they are put together with the squares on the last round of the smaller motifs. No seaming or crazy amount of loose ends to weave in.

Sport weight yarn, cotton or cotton blend

  • 150 g light gray for Octagons
  • 50 g dark gray for Squares or
  • 200 g total when both squares and octagons are the same color.

6 mm (US J or 10)

Safety pins to help with assembly (optional, but makes things so much easier)
Tapestry needle for weaving in loose ends

One octagon blocked 33 [38] cm (13 [15] inch) in diameter.

Sizes Medium [Large]
The circumference of the dress is 4 times the width of the octagon.
The circumference of the sleeves is the width of the octagon.
The finished fabric will stretch a lot, so choose your size depending on how you want your dress to fit.

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